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Wisdom Tooth Removal - Peachtree City, GA

Trust an Oral Surgeon to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

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Causes for Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are common concerns for a vast majority of the population. In fact, over 85 percent of people need to have their wisdom teeth extracted at some time in their life. Wisdom teeth begin to grow in the back of our mouths around the age 18, but for the majority of people, there is not enough room for them to erupt properly. After extraction and a brief recovery period, most patients will not have to worry about their wisdom teeth affecting their oral health or jaw again.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Peachtree City, GA
“We can provide different levels of anesthesia, whether it be oral sedation or full IV anesthesia.”
Paul Anderson, DMD, MD

Warning Signs you Will Need your Wisdom Teeth Removed

  • Partial tooth eruption
  • Orthodontic treatment planning
  • Pain or inflammation in the back jaw
  • Pain or difficulty chewing
  • Infection around your molars
  • Jaw stiffness
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Extraction of Wisdom Teeth is Commonplace

Wisdom Tooth Removal Peachtree City, GA

For an oral surgeon like Dr. Paul Anderson, wisdom tooth extraction is a common and routine procedure. We provide sedation options to promote a successful and nearly painless procedure. For those with high levels of dental anxiety, we even offer IV sedation to give you an experience you will likely forget even happened. Wisdom tooth removal is a common procedure and can relieve pain and prevent further complications as the teeth grow in. Your smile deserves to stay healthy, and many times that means the extraction of wisdom teeth.

Place Your Trust in an Experienced Oral Surgeon

When you have your wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Anderson, you can rely on the experience, comfort and professionalism only an oral surgeon can provide. Dr. Anderson has over 16 years of experience in the dental and medical field and is part of a large number of diplomate organizations for dentistry. Dr. Anderson is board certified in oral and maxillofacial surgery and trained at the Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, where he was constantly exposed to complex traumatic injuries. By having your wisdom teeth removed by a professional and experienced oral surgeon, you can expect precise care, minimal discomfort and a quick recovery.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Peachtree City, GA
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