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Why You Should See an Oral Surgeon for TMJ Treatment Peachtree City, GA

Why You Should See an Oral Surgeon for TMJ Treatment

Oral surgeon pointing to tmj joint on a model skullAre you tired of dealing with unpleasant symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD)? If left untreated, this common condition can interfere with your daily life and cause painful symptoms like chronic headaches, jaw pain and popping sensations in the jaw joint. The good news is that treatment is available for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems. The type of treatment you receive depends on what type of expert you see for your symptoms. Here’s why you should consider seeing an oral surgeon for your TMD treatment needs.

Treatment Options

An oral surgeon offers more treatment options than a dentist, which can be comforting if your TMD symptoms are severe and require surgical intervention. Minor TMD symptoms can usually be treated with non-invasive options, including ice packs, pain medication and/or oral devices. However, if your symptoms become so bad that your jaw gets stuck in an open or closed position (also commonly referred to as “lock jaw”), surgery may be required.


An oral surgeon must complete more training than a regular dentist, including at least four years of hospital-based surgical training. This experience comes in handy when you need skilled surgical treatment for your advanced TMJ problems.

Long-Term Relief

Your dentist may be able to help you experience short-term relief from your TMD symptoms, but if you have recurring jaw joint problems that don’t respond to standard treatments, surgery may be required. In many cases, jaw surgery can provide long-term relief that medications and oral devices can’t offer. Dr. Paul Anderson is a skilled oral surgeon who can perform an examination to determine whether surgery is recommended for your case.

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