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Are You Suffering From TMJ Pain and Discomfort?

The joints located on each side of your face are known as the temporomandibular joints (TMJ). These structures are involved in all oral function, from biting and swallowing to talking and yawning. Jaw pain, headaches, popping and limited jaw opening are common symptoms resulting from TMJ disorders, or TMD. Have these symptoms impacted your life? Living with jaw pain and discomfort is debilitating for many patients. As an oral and maxillofacial specialist, Dr. Paul Anderson offers the life-changing TMJ treatment you need to live happy, healthy and pain-free.

Why is it Important to Treat TMD?

Many TMJ cases involve the muscles and soft tissue around the jaw joints. When these structures become overworked or damaged in some way, inflammation results. Muscles in your face, head, neck and shoulders become tense and tender. The cartilage disc that lies within the joint itself may become damaged. All of these factors have an impact on your mouth, body and quality of life. Identifying TMD causes and treating the condition as early as possible offers the most positive outcome for your oral and jaw joint health.

Factors contributing to TMD:

  • Teeth grinding/clenching
  • Jaw misalignment
  • Injury
  • Arthritis
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Comprehensive Treatment Options for TMJ Healing

Dr. Anderson provides the comprehensive TMJ care you need. Treatment options range from minor adjustments to surgical care for severe cases. TMJ surgery is recommended when the jaw fails to open easily, or is dislocated Severe degeneration or failure to respond to other treatments may also require a surgical approach.

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