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Sinus Lift - Peachtree City, GA

Strengthen Bone and Improve Dental Implant Success with a Sinus Lift

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Enable Dental Implant Placement in Upper Regions of the Mouth

When tooth loss occurs, you want the best possible replacement solution for your smile. Most often, this means dental implants. However, replacing upper molar or premolar teeth with implants is a challenge for many patients. The bone in these areas is frequently insufficient to support implants. If bone loss has affected your chances for implant success, Dr. Paul Anderson may recommend a sinus lift – a special type of bone grafting procedure. A sinus lift (augmentation) increases the level of bone where the upper teeth once were, preparing your mouth for implant placement.

Who Needs a Sinus Lift, and How Does It Work?

Sinus lifts are typically performed by gently raising the floor of your sinuses, and adding bone material to increase height and volume. Increasing the quality and quantity in this way gives your future implants the solid support they need to stay healthy and strong.

You may benefit from sinus augmentation if you have:

  • Lost upper premolar or molar teeth
  • Bone loss from periodontal disease
  • Facial or oral trauma
  • Inadequate bone density
  • Low positioning of sinus
  • An enlarged sinus cavity
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The Specialized Care You Need, the Experience You Trust

Sinus Lift Peachtree City, GA

As a Board Certified Oral Surgeon, Dr. Anderson offers the highest standard of care and experience for your oral health. He and our team are dedicated to providing the specialized care you need in a way that is positive, comfortable and reassuring. When performing sinus lifts, we utilize advanced technology for the precise, expert care you deserve. Our techniques ensure you receive a gentle, minimally invasive procedure that gets you back to enjoying life as soon as possible.

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