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Full Mouth Reconstruction: What Is It, and Do You Need It? Peachtree City, GA

Full Mouth Reconstruction: What Is It, and Do You Need It?

Full Mouth Reconstruction - Peachtree City, GAHave you been dealing with missing teeth in Peachtree, City, GA for a long time? Are you wondering if it’s really necessary to replace them or if you can live with the discomfort and inconvenience for the rest of your life? Maybe your dentist has brought up the idea of full mouth reconstruction but you don’t fully understand the concept or know if you need it. Here’s a quick overview of what full mouth regeneration in Peachtree City, GA is and how it can benefit you.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedures

A healthy smile is a beautiful smile. If you’re currently missing multiple teeth, your smile is not only less attractive, but less healthy as well. Fortunately, Dr. Paul Anderson can help restore function and beauty to your pearly whites with full mouth regeneration. Rather than being one single procedure, full mouth reconstruction is typically broken down into several different procedures, including:

The treatment(s) recommended for you depend on your specific oral health concerns and problems. Dr. Anderson will present you with one or more treatment recommendations after performing an examination and reviewing information about your health history.

Benefits of Full Mouth Rejuvenation

If you’re missing teeth, you could develop issues like changes in your bite, decreased dental function and loss of jawbone density. Full mouth reconstruction can minimize or correct these problems and provide the following benefits:

    • Greater confidence
    • Improved appearance
    • Proper jaw alignment
    • Jaw bone preservation
    • Better oral health
    • Improved quality of living

When you replace missing teeth with dental implants, you have the freedom to enjoy your favorite foods again. Dental implants are known for their reliability and could potentially last for the remainder of your life with good care.

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