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Frenectomy - Peachtree City, GA

Improve Smile Aesthetics and Function with a Frenectomy

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What is a Frenectomy?

A frenectomy is a minor oral surgery procedure that treats lip- and tongue-ties. The small stretch of tissue connecting the lip to the gums and tongue to the floor of the mouth is called a “frenum.” At times, these muscular attachments are too short to enable proper oral function and development. Release or removal of a short frenum by a skilled oral surgeon ensures fast healing and optimal results for this delicate tissue.

Avoid Oral Health Problems With Early Frenectomy Care

Frenectomies are typically performed in pediatric patients. However, some adults benefit from this procedure as well. In children, we usually wait until the two front primary teeth have erupted before providing a lip frenectomy. Without treatment at any age, the risks of leaving a lip- or tongue-tie untouched include unwanted spacing between the two front teeth, risk of periodontal problems and oral pain or discomfort.

Frenectomies Are Minor, Near-Painless Procedures

Frenectomy Peachtree City, GA

You and your family deserve the most positive results for your smile. A frenectomy is a brief and relatively painless procedure. The frenum is cut to free the lip or tongue and stitches are applied to the surgery site. The entire process generally takes only minutes and local anesthesia is typically used to block pain. Healing is quick and the results are nearly immediate. Choosing an experienced oral surgery specialist for this type of care offers the highest level of expertise and skill. With over 16 years in practice, Dr. Paul Anderson proudly puts his passion and experience into improving the lives and smiles of you and your loved ones.

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