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3 Reasons To See an Oral Surgeon After Any Facial Trauma Peachtree City, GA

3 Reasons To See an Oral Surgeon After Any Facial Trauma

Bruises, lacerations, and fractures are all considered facial trauma. Many people experience these injuries every year as a result of car accidents, physical assaults, animal attacks and sports injuries. If you ever experience trauma to the face, it is paramount you see our oral surgeon in Peachtree City, GA immediately. Oral surgery is an internationally-recognized surgical specialty, so you cannot trust any other dental professional with this kind of work.

  1. Improve Aesthetics

Most forms of facial injuries will impact a person’s teeth, which can become broken or chipped. In some cases, a tooth can become completely loose from its socket. In cases of missing teeth, our oral surgeon, Dr. Anderson can provide you with dental implants. An implant will be inserted to fill in for the lost tooth root while an abutment and dental crown go on top. Individuals who have lost several teeth may want to look into full-arch implants, which replace numerous teeth simultaneously.

  1. Enhance Functionality

Facial trauma may also prevent you from eating all the foods you want. Teeth may not have fallen out entirely, but they may become loose, making it difficult to bite down without worrying about losing a tooth. Speaking also becomes an arduous task.

  1. Resolve Jaw Irregularities

Our oral surgeon will take X-rays to determine if any damage occurred within your jaw bone or soft tissues. Without prompt treatment, many people develop temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ), which make it difficult to open and close the jaw. In the event the jawbone was broken, our surgeon can utilize wiring or small plates to hold the bone together.

Do Not Delay Treatment at Our Office

In the event you lost a tooth, you should attempt to hold on to it because in some cases, Dr. Paul Anderson will be able to put it back into place. This is not always possible, but regardless of the amount of facial trauma in Peachtree City, GA you experienced, our trained professionals will have a solution. Schedule your appointment by calling (678) 369-4081 or visiting us online promptly.

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