Mission Statement/Vision

Mission Statement

We will provide our community with exceptional surgical care and a unique, personal touch that starts with the very first encounter of each and every day. We appreciate the wonderful responsibility that the people of this community have entrusted to us, and we dedicate every day to assisting the good will of our patients and providing them with the very best care that our field has available to it.


Our vision is to extend our compassion and expertise to those in our community for all of their oral surgery, implant and cosmetic needs. We believe that it is our responsibility to provide the highest quality of treatment and empathy to every patient we meet. We must constantly challenge ourselves to stay current with all educational subjects pertinent to our profession and be intuitive to the needs of our patients in any situation. Our team strives to be the best in our field, starting every day with every patient.  It is our intent to make our workplace as relaxed and as informative for the patient as we can.  And to prove, through our actions, dedication, and skill that we are the premier Oral Surgery and Implant Center in the entire Atlanta metropolitan area.